Mermaid Chimera Hand-fan

Unique hand-fan, Pleated by the Ateliers Lognon, Galalith frame

Hand-made in France


Unique piece already reserved


Duvelleroy presents a unique collaboration
with artist Marvin M’Toumo and the pleating atelier Lognon,
part of the Lemarié savoir-faires.

Just like extraordinary creatures, these creations were born from the hybridization of different pleating heritages
and frames made from imaginary materials.

Know How

Marvin M’Toumo delved into the patrimony of more than 2700 pleating moulds of the Maison Lognon to find 3 patterns of pleats which corresponded to his universe and his project for the creation of chimera hand-fans.

The frames of these fans are made of a very specific material:
the Galalith, literally « stone of milk», which imitates horn, ivory or mother of pearl without using animal materials.

The fan maker assembled the pleated leaves with the frames of the fans. It is the encounter of two different rhythms which creates a surprise, the solar pleating corresponding to the bouts of the frame, and the pleating with relief corresponding to the train protruding from the body of the fan.
This collaboration was made possible thanks to a unique and fruitful dialogue between these two know-hows and pleating traditions.


Frame in Galalith with a mother-of-pearl effect, made in Italy
Leaf in ivory double Organza
Width: 13,39 inches
Height: 31,5 inches (with tail) / 7,49 inches (without tail)

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