Through its collections, Duvelleroy displays two types of know-hows.

The Fashion Fans are made in small series in Spain. The Luxury hand-fans are made one by one in France according to the tradition of French fan making. 



The Duvelleroy fashion fans are manufactured in small series by in a family-run partner atelier based near Valencia, the Spanish birthplace of handfans. Each cotton leaf is stiffened, pleated and mounted by hand on wood frames.


Since 2010, Duvelleroy has worked in partnership with Frédérick Gay and other master craft-makers to revive some signature crafts that were emblematic of the original house.


This technique – mastered and improved by the Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy during the 19th century – allows to pleat decorated fabric (painted, embroidered…). It enabled the development of textile fans. The practice has remained unchanged ever since. The pleating is a fast and precise gesture. The pleats’ symmetry must be perfect. The 90 shapes of pleating moulds preserved by the House of Duvelleroy are a vivid and very useful resource! One wrong pleat and the leaf must be thrown away, no matter the time spent manufacturing and embroidering.

Embroidery and ennoblement

Thanks to the unique « cold pleating » technique, the original Duvelleroy house started presenting extremely refined fans embroidered with sequins in motifs known as the « Point de Hongrie » or in the « Napoleon III » style. When fans are entirely covered in sequins they are referred to as « armure fans » .



The original Duvelleroy was renowned for its unique feather craft ability. Three signatures emerge in the XIXth and are renewed since 2010 in partnership with the fan-maker, Frédérick Gay.

« Fluffy » feathers

Voluminous fans, mostly in Ostrich, such as « Pleureuses », in which the bulky effect is accentuated by « extensions » of each father barb, just like hair extensions.

Graphic/asymmetrical feathers

The original Duvelleroy develops audacious shapes with feathers. In these creations the natural shape of the feather provides the general shape of the hand-fan.

Feather marquetery

On a base of ostrich feathers, the craftsman handpicks each guineafowl, peacock or any other feather and positions them in order to create a fantasy feather.

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