A spirit of Lightness

A spirit of lightness
Duvelleroy takes on the mission to establish hand-fans as the symbol of a certain art de vivre, where the accessory is essential, playing and flirting are daily must-haves.

Our city, Paris
The original Duvelleroy was born in Paris, on the right bank of the Seine river in the craze of the XIXth century. Now situated rue Amélie in the VIIth, the awakened beauty perpetuates a taste for a certain Parisian mood, lifestyle and sense of elegance.

Our emblem, the daisy
Existing since the Belle Epoque, the daisy on the rivets of fans is a bucolic flower which expresses the spirit of lightness of the Maison. Simple and fresh, the daisy is an invitation to play: I love you a bit, a lot, very much… Loves me, loves me not?

Our colour, yellow
Yellow is without a doubt the colour of Duvelleroy. Madame Georges Duvelleroy’s favourite hue, symbol of sunshine and present at the heart of the daisy, the golden yellow has always fitted Duvelleroy. Nowadays, yellow is the trademark of our Parisian boutique, boxes and packaging.

Our moto, lightness
The tone is set by products themselves, 99 grams. The fan is a seduction tool as much as a fashion accessory. Symbol of a certain art de vivre, where the accessory is essential, playing and flirting daily must-haves.

Our element, Air
The dream of blowing and flying, weightless, is embodied in the emblematic “ballon” shape, named after the airships of the early XXth century. The Maison is nurtured and flourishes with the head up in the clouds, surrounded by butterflies and fantastic birds

For love of all these, we awakened this sleeping beauty in 2010, and also because we believe the world needs more than ever responsible and clean air.

Eloïse Gilles & Raphaëlle Le Baud

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