Marie-Victoire de Bascher x Duvelleroy Dédé the Dog Hand-fan


Prêt-à-porter hand-fan, “Ears” shape, Printed cotton, Sycamore wood frame

Hand-made in Spain

9.9inches (ears included)

8 in stock


The original Duvelleroy house had a tradition of painting their client’s pets on hand-fans. Adolphe Thomasse was the official portrayer of these mascots.
Multi-talented and high energy Marie-Victoire de Bascher revives this amusing heritage. With her unique style, she gives life to Dédé, Fifi and Léon. These adorable furry creatures have a vintage etching style, with a pop Japanese flavor.
Dédé is a loyal and friendly shiba. It comes in two versions: lovely natural or surprisingly colorful.

Know How

Sycamore wood sticks.
Silk-Screen printed lilac cotton cloth, stiffened, hand-pleated, assembled to the frame and hand-cut.


Sycamore wood from China. Cotton.

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