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Unique hand-fan, Horsehair woven fabric by Metaphores, Ebony frame


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Duvelleroy and Métaphores have joined forces in an exceptional collaboration, combining their respective expertise in fan making and weaving.
The result is the extraordinary “Panache” capsule collection, showcasing three exquisitely decorated fans that cleverly utilize the various technical elements of horsehair.
The silhouettes designed by Métaphores’ creative and image director Emilie Paralitici draw their inspiration from Duvelleroy’s heritage and grammar of forms.
Once woven, horsehair offers both a delicate vibrancy and remarkable resistance. ​
Each fan reflects a subtle balance between brutalism and refinement, between pared-down lines and interplays of materials.

Know How

Created in 1814, the Manufacture Le Crin (Métaphores) has for more than two centuries perpetuated the precise handiwork of an exceptional expertise: the weaving of horsehair, which has earned its own living heritage certification label. It is now the sole workshop in the world in which horsehair is woven by hand. Only a few dozen centimeters can be woven each day.
Founded in 1827 and revived in 2010, the Maison Duvelleroy rejuvenates the know-how of fans—an inherently functional and highly technical object. ​
With passion, the two maisons cherish and challenge rare crafts.
Weaving horsehair presents Duvelleroy with unprecedented constraints due to its robustness and rigidity. The non-pleated forms allow for this difficulty to be toyed with, giving birth to unique fans that combine beauty and functionality.


Ebony frame manufactured in Spain
Hand-frayed ribbons made using Metaphores fabrics (Paddock and Gaël satin)
Width: 20 inches, Height: 10,8 inches

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