Yellow Panama Smythson x Duvelleroy Notebook


Pocket notebook, Yellow crossgrain lambskin, Gilt-edged, pale

blue Featherweight paper

Comes with a blue suédine pouch and box

Made in England

128 leaves

Dimensions W3.5 x H5.5″

67 in stock


Duvelleroy has partnered with famous British lifestyle and stationery house Smythson to create an exclusive collection of hand-fans and a notebook. Each in their own way, Smythson and Duvelleroy have espoused the art of communication, whether it’s through the intimate writings of a diary or the flirtatious flutters of a fan.
This special edition of the Panama notebook, with a Duvelleroy yellow cover, includes some pages dedicated to the intricate ‘language of the fan’.

Know How

Hand-crafted in Smythson's manufacture in England. Lightweight, flexible and hard-wearing, just like its namesake, this calf leather beautifully combines form and function.


Featherweight paper. Lamb skin.

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