Nude Ostrich and Ebony Hand-fan

Couture Hand-fan, Ostrich feather, Ebony frame

Handmade in France

Available upon order (3-week delay minimum)

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True to the tradition of ostrich hand-fans, this creation in downy feathers is as spectacular as it is soft and cosy. Indeed, this shape of hand-fan respects the natural curve of the feathers, forming a kind of shell protecting the person wearing it. Feathers are tinted in two different shades of blue to bring movement to this creation.

Know How

The feathers are cut, flattened and fixed to the sticks.The feathers are cut, flattened and fixed to the sticks.


African ebony crafted in Spain by a tabletier. Ostrich feathers supplied by Maison Légeron, Paris.
Hand-fan height 13 inches. Width 22,4 inches.

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