Marin Montagut x Duvelleroy Envol Hand-fan


Prêt-à-porter hand-fan, Printed cotton, Sycamore wood frame

Hand-made in Spain

Stick length 9 inches


44 in stock


Marin Montagut is an explorer, a collector of rare objects and beautiful stories…and far and foremost he is in love with Paris. As always, ideas surge while he is strolling, and the encounter with Duvelleroy was no exception.
Fond of hand-made objets, savoir-faire and delicate materials, it was obvious for the two Parisian houses to meet and create an accessory that reflects these common interests. For this limited edition hand-fan, Marin Montagut has given a new twist to his iconic Paris watercolors translated as a print on white cotton cloth.
The Envol hand-fan embodies the essence of a certain art-de-vivre.

Know How

Sycamore wood sticks.
Printed white cotton cloth, stiffened, hand-pleated, assembled to the frame.


Sycamore wood from China. Cotton.

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