José Lévy x Duvelleroy Natural Color Splash Fan Set


Customisable hand-fan set, Cotton and Birch wood frame hand-fan, Plant-based inks

Handmade in Spain

Stick length 10.8 inches

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As a virgin canvas, ready to be splashed with colors, this fan Color Splash has been imagined by artist and designer José Lévy for Duvelleroy. Fan making house originally founded in 1827 in Paris and awakened in 2010, Duvelleroy cultivates the spirit of lightness, often collaborating with artists of the time. This project was born from the relationship José Lévy has with objects in general and hand-fans in particular. It is all about making the object your own, creating a relationship and making it a mirror of our emotions. The fan invites and turns down, reveals and hides at once. It is the perfect medium for an artist placing instinct and playfullness at the very heart of his creations.
COMPONENTS You will find in this box: a hand fan made of cotton canvas and birch wood. Five flasks with pipettes, each containing a colored ink: red, blue, orange, yellow and black.
INSTRUCTIONS Open your fan, place a protection under it (if you care for your table). Unblottle the flasks, drip, drop, feel free to mix colors. Wait a couple of minutes for the colors to diffuse slowly on the fabric. Let the fan dry, open and flat. Repeat as often as wanted.
CAUTION All inks are made from vegetal extract, bottled in France. Nevertheless, they are not made to be swallowed. And as all good inks, they stain pretty hard.

Know How

Birch wood sticks. White cotton cloth, stiffened, hand-pleated and assembled to the frame. Plant-based inks made in France by Maison Herbin.


Birch frame made in Spain. Cotton. Inks made in France.

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