Farida Hand-fan


Prêt-à-porter hand-fan, Crushed Satin fabric, Bokapi wood frame

Hand-made in Spain

Bridal accessory

Stick Length 7.5 inches

1 in stock


Since the 19th century, Duvelleroy has been accompanying brides on their big day.
This summer, a limited edition capsule of two fans, made from couture fabric deadstocks, continues this tradition.
The Farida fan pays tribute to the woman who married King Farouk in 1938 with a Duvelleroy Pleureuse fan. The crinkled iridescent satin of this creation evokes that opulence.

Know How

Bokapi wood sticks. Duvelleroy logo engraved on the panache. Crushed satin fabric stiffened, hand-pleated and assembled to the frame.
Comes with a white pouch and a yellow tube.


Bokapi wood sticks from Equatorial Guinea, crafted in Spain.

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