Dots Feather Balloon Hand-fan

Couture Hand-fan, Balloon shape,

Guinea fowl feather marquetery, Ebony frame

Handmade in France

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This creation is emblematic of the original Maison. The know-how in feather marquetery was a signature of the Maison in the XIXth century and has been revived since 2010. Evoking the lightness dear to Duvelleroy, its “Balloon” shape is typical of the Belle Epoque era.

Know How

On a base of ostrich feathers, the craftsman handpicks each guinea fowl feather and positions them in order to create a pattern of dots. The ostrich feathers shiver delicately with every move, while the dots give an architectural look to the hand-fan.


African ebony shaped by a tabletier maker in Spain. Ostrich feathers supplied by Maison Février, Paris. Guinea fowl feathers from a French supplier.
Hand-fan height 8.6 inches. Width 12.2 inches.

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