Blue Asymmetrical Graphic Feathers Hand-fan

Couture Hand-fan, Silk and Swan feathers, Galalith frame

Handmade in France

Available upon request (3-week delay minimum)

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This creation is inspired by native American headdresses as well as by a classic shape from the original Maison archives, L’Aigle de Hongrie. The starting point for these creations is the feather itself, its design, color and shape. For this hand-fan, the accent is set on the decreasing size of the feathers.

Know How

This creation requires a thorough selection of the feathers to achieve perfect matching colors and sizes. The frame is special thanks to its material, Galalith, "milk stone", an artificial material completely biodegradable brought to light by the Maison.


Italian Galalith shaped by a tabletier maker in Italy. Feathers supplied by Maison Légeron, Paris. Silk.
Height: 9.8 inches. Width: 18.1 inches

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