Yellow and Black Pigment Hand-fan

Unique Couture Hand-fan, Embroidered organza, Ebony frame

Hand-made in France


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During the XIXth century, the improvement of the pleating mould by Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy opens a new field of expression for textile hand-fans: from thick material to light embroidered fabric such as organza. These fans promptly become signatures of the original Maison.
Solenne Jolivet, young embroidery artist, offers her vision of fans and creates 3 objects that renew the tradition. She uses thread as a pigment, diluted or densified to create abstract textile compositions. The graphic pattern takes life. Threads remind us that is embroidery and add to the feeling of lightness of the creations. The back side completes the right side, embroidery becomes 3D.

Know How

On a pleated organza leaf, Solenne Jolivet plays with different threads – waxed cotton, silk – to bring more light, brilliance, density. The leaf is then adjusted to the frame by the fan-maker. Solenne Jolivet reworks on the fan to include the frame a part of the graphic composition for each fan.


African ebony shaped by a tabletier maker in Spain. Organza.
Hand-fan height 9 inches. Width 18.5 inches.

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