Navy and Pigeon Blue Leather Palmettes Hand-fan


Prêt-à-porter hand-fan, Palmette shape, Leather, Bokapi wood frame


Hand-made in Spain

Stick length 9.4 inches

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The « Palmettes » shape stands for non-pleated hand-fans, where each “palm” in tied to the other by a thread. In the tradition of the original Maison, these hand-fans represented the French Couture savoir-faire. Through this creation in leather, Duvelleroy shades a new light on a classic shape though the introduction of this rather un-traditional material in the world of fan-making. This new version plays on colors with two different shades of leather.

Know How

Frame in Bokapi wood. The navy and Pigeon Blue leather palmettes are cut, stiffened, and glued to the wood, then linked to each other by a thread on a knot. The back of the palmettes shows the grain of the calf leather.


Bokapi wood sticks from Equatorial Guinea. Calf leather, Africa.

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