Légèreté Hand-fan


Prêt-à-porter hand-fan, Printed cotton, Sycamore wood frame

Hand-made in Spain

Stick length 9 inches

18 in stock


In the 19h century, Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy's son gathers and publishes the Language of the Fan, a leaflet detailing and explaining the coded gestures used to express discreetly things like “I love you” drawing the fan across the cheek or “Follow me” carrying the fan in the right hand in front of her face. In the early 1940s, Auguste Herbin developed another coded language, a language of form and color, his "alphabet plastique". Freely inspired by this code and the idea of secret languages, the AIR and LEGERETE creations play with colors and shapes to express the essence of the fan: playing !

Know How

Sycamore wood sticks painted in orange. Printed cotton cloth, stiffened, hand-pleated and assembled to the frame.


Sycamore wood from China. Cotton.

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