Hazelnut Take Away fan and three-tone wooden beads cord


Small Prêt-à-porter hand-fan, Wooden beads cord, Cotton and Sycamore wood

Stick length 6.7 inches

Cord length 59 inches

Beware this limited edition does not fit in the yellow gift tube


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In 1908, the original house of Duvelleroy launched a little charm-fan “éventail-breloque”. A miniature hand-fan that could also be used as a charm.
The Take Away Fan is the contemporary version of this accessory:a small-sized hand-fan, easy to carry thanks to its cord. Wear it as a shoulder bag or a necklace.
Half-way between a piece of jewelry and an accessory, this limited edition will be with you all summer long.

Know How

Sycamore wood sticks.
Hazelnut cotton cloth, stiffened, hand-pleated and assembled to the frame.
Wooden beads cord and clasp to release the fan.
The cord is also hand-made and knots might loosen up, don't hesitate to tighten them from time to time.


Sycamore wood from China. Cotton cloth. Metal clasp. Wood beads.

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