Flower Tulip Handfan

Unique Couture Hand-fan, Tulip shape, Silk Lamé, Ebony frame

Handmade in France


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This palmette-shaped hand-fan encapsulates the Parisian and Couture spirit of Duvelleroy. Imagined by Coralie Marabelle (Public Award at the 2014 Hyères Fashion Festival), it is composed of fabric corollas reeled around each stick of the frame for a very contemporary, sculptural and yet pure interpretation of the “froufrou” inspiration of the original Maison.

Know How

Each fabric corolla is hand-cut with careful attention to proportions in order to maintain the piece’s balance. Two corollas are then reeled around each stick and assembled to the frame in an invisible way to create the ensemble.


African ebony shaped by a tabletier maker in Spain. Silk Lamé.
Hand-fan height 11.8 inches. Width 21.6 inches.

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