Checkerboard Ribbon Yasuda Hand-fan

Unique Hand-fan, Ribbon shape, Checkerboard fabric, Ebony frame

Handmade in France


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The Tango peninsula (nearby Kyoto) is the birthplace of an exceptional textile savoir-faire. The most famous of them is the Chirimen, a silk with a unique texture, made from twisted threads. This silk, along with other fabrics manufactured in the region, has been used for 300 years in the confection of kimonos.
To celebrate this unique know-how, the region of Tango has entrusted Duvelleroy with 6 weavings from different ateliers, in order to imagine one-of-a-kind hand-fans. Confronting cultures and know-hows across continents and times to build a bridge between traditional crafts and creativity for the future.

Know How

The checkerboard fabric from the Yasuda Manufacture combines the Chirimen weaving process (twisted threads) with its own technique, the Karamiori. The main features of the Karamiori are lightness, transparency and also the "3D" effect they give to the patterns. To underline this idea of lightness, the fabric was cut into ribbons.


Checkerboard fabric from the Yasuda Manufacture,Tango, Kyoto, Japan. African ebony shaped by a tabletier maker in Spain.
Height: 9.85 inches Width: 18.12 inches

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